Saturday, February 4, 2012

The world was growing, growing,
people are getting further and further.
Each one carrying his loneliness, hiding their dreams,
remembering to laugh, hiding her tears.
Locking your best feelings in a dark box,
not daring to open it.
Our inner world no longer fits in the outside world.
No one has time or space.
Everyone has commitments, schedules, busy schedules ...
to himself.
Whether business, fun, relaxing ...
And God looking down from above, he thought: -
In this great big world, there are still people
who want to open your dark box,
  to show one another what she guards so hidden ...
and still have people who would like to know the contents of these boxes and be able to open their too.
But the land has grown so much, there are so many places, distances ...
Then God gave to man the magic
can be anywhere on the planet in seconds
and to establish immediate contact with those
who wished to open their boxes.
That is why scientists INTERNET.
And so ...
I met you!


Peace & Light!


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