God Is My Co-Pilot

Thursday, December 2, 2010

(Dedicated to the pilots of World War II and all pilots)

They Soar on high on airman's wings,
fly high where others do not go.
Hidden amongst the clouds of gray,
as bombs burst in the air below.

Bravery and camaraderie,
they go where angels do not dare.
On a sortie flying solo,
God is the co-pilot up there.

Engines hum at high altitudes
as they search targets on the ground.
Bomb doors open, bombs away!
you hear an eerie whistling sound.

These airmen who earn their wings,
soar onto victory with faith.
Fighting for world wide peace and dreams,
facing visions filled with wraith.

The war to end all other wars,
young pilot, every mother's son.
Their faith in God and nerves of steel,
the battle for the skies was won.

Into the wild blue yonder,
their loved ones wait for their return.
Another time, another war,
because the world has yet to learn.


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